Giving Back

Photography courtesy of Andy Hagedon.

Trident United Way Day of Caring | Photography courtesy of Andy Hagedon.

Interested in making your mark? Being a member of Charleston AMA connects you with opportunities to give back to your local Charleston community and to the professional marketing community. We offer volunteer opportunities with nonprofit projects throughout the year, as well as the Charleston AMA Mentor Program.

AMA in the Community

Please contact to reserve your spot on our team for the following upcoming volunteer opportunities:

  • 2015 Mentor Program
  • 2014 Spring Habitat for Humanity Build
  • Watch for other upcoming volunteer opportunities!

Marketing Mentor Program

Members of Charleston AMA are invited to participate in a six-month mentoring program that pairs those new to the marketing industry with seasoned professionals. Mentors should have five years or more of marketing experience and a desire to give back to their community and career field. Mentees should be new to working in a marketing-related field with a desire to learn and grow in a marketing career.

The Mentoring Program Works!

Here’s how the Charleston AMA Mentoring Program benefited both mentor Erin McFarland and mentee Jenn Oblad.

From Erin: 

Some of the best advice I have gotten in my career has come from my mentors. At this point in my career, I was ready to share some of my insights, advice and experience with young professionals. The Charleston AMA Mentor/Mentee program gave me a perfect opportunity.

Mentoring has many benefits, but first, it is essential to learn about what your mentee hopes to gain in the process. This is where my mentee, Jenn stepped up to the plate. We met once a month for lunch. Prior to each meeting, Jenn would send me a list of questions or topics she would like to cover. Because we only had about an hour, we were able to maximize our time together and focus on topics that were important to Jenn. For example, how to get more experience out of her current role, how to expand her responsibilities and value to her team, internal/company relations, resume review, sharing connections, etc.

With this preparedness, we were able to make a lot of progress during our mentor/mentee meetings. This wasn’t only beneficial for Jenn. Her questions were challenging and engaging. It’s been truly rewarding building a relationship with Jenn and helping support her as she navigates her career.

From Jenn: 

I found the more I put into my experience with the Charleston AMA Mentor Program, the more I got out of it. This program really helped me think about what I want in my marketing career, and it helped me gain more confidence and motivation to strive to move forward in my chosen career path. The experience also helped me gain a greater perspective of working in general, and how to balance that with my other life pursuits.

Through the CAMA Mentor program, I had the opportunity to network with other marketing professionals, and I developed a fun and meaningful professional relationship with my mentor. It was great to have someone to meet up with each month – someone to talk to about my work and career pursuits, someone who was open and willing to hear what I had to say, and someone who would give me honest and constructive feedback. My mentor also helped me update my resume with more focus on my marketing skills and experience.

I am glad I did the CAMA Mentor program, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to develop themselves professionally in their marketing career pursuits.