Our George Washington

Shortly after this fine young cannibal introduced a third child to the Lowcountry,  she showed up as a guest at our March confab. As she sat inconspicuously at a table of no particular note, few would have guessed that a superhero was in their midst.

Fortunately, our official AMA paparazzo, Andy Hagedon, pounced upon this rare sighting and provided us with photographic evidence of her appearance.

She’s Laura Angermeier, and she’s about as inaptly named as Barenaked Ladies. Sweetmeier, perhaps. Lovelymeier. Warmmeier. Never Angermeier.

The three beings Laura birthed are called Andrew, Katie and the Charleston American Marketing Association. A freshly-minted college graduate working as a third-string marketing assistant at an enterprise approaching oblivion, Laura nonetheless spearheaded the creation of our humble organization. She simply noticed there was no AMA . . . so she started one.

Laura is our George Washington, but with real teeth.

At the outset, perhaps a dozen people would gather for an AMA lunchtime seminar. But Laura’s warmth and persistence, and the support of an equally dedicated team of volunteers, propelled the group to dramatic growth. Today we stand as the first new chapter anywhere in the country in 14 years, recipient of several national awards and queen of the local professional communication landscape with more than 100 members.

Having pointed Charleston AMA in the right direction, Laura slinked off to motherhood and freelancing without the credit she richly deserves. May this hosanna get buried in a sea of gratitude for a young woman who saw a need and filled it, to our collective benefit, without recompense or due recognition.

Thank you, Laura. Come on back.


barry waldman


  1. Great tribute to a lovely person! Congrats Laura!